Pastor Barry Brown, Lead Pastor – Evangel Assembly of God

I’ve worked with Jason Rising for a number of years with our community events. I’ve found him to be very accommodating to the needs of our church and community. This year we started working with Jason and the Verge Leadership Consulting team. I couldn’t be more pleased. Jason and his team have partnered with us […]

Heath Mason, President – Lincoln Way Electric

Verge Leadership has been a catalyst for our business. Verge came alongside of us to understand the outcomes we were looking for and helped us achieve our goals for restructuring our staff, improving our processes and building a strategy for future growth. Their ability to quickly assess and see our issues brought about a clear […]

Wayne Francis, Lead Pastor – Authentic Church

In a world of cookie-cutter coaching and a one size fits all approach to leadership, Verge comes along with a style of leadership development that gets bicep deep in the soil of an organization to disturb what threatens growth and to nurture what will provide a harvest of health. Jason and his team craft strategies […]