You Are Designed to Lead,

So Lead by Your Design.

Verge exists to equip emerging leaders at all levels to naturally lead by their unique design.


We are all leaders, and the first person we learn to lead is ourselves. Our journey in developing as leaders is a mixture of experience and education. This mixture is sought after by every leader looking to grow to move into new levels of leadership and have a broader impact on the lives around them. There are many opportunities available today for leaders to develop in both areas but have you found the right option?


Every leader is unique, and our designed approach is about discovering your leadership style, mindsets, and skills that you use the most as a leader and creating a development path that will help you reach your goals.


As you learn about leading by your design, you will positively impact the lives of those you lead and bring development to the organizations you are leading.


How Do I Do This?

Verge Leadership Principles


All Leaders are Capable

There is no blueprint for leadership. Every leader is capable of bringing a unique set of skills, experiences, and gifts to their role. One’s personality, strengths, and shortcomings all influence how they lead at every level within an organization. Recognizing and embracing your own design is the only way to reach your full leadership potential.


All Leaders Build Culture

A leader brings a preferred cultural pattern intrinsic to their design. Overemphasizing their preference can lead to an unbalanced culture that can potentially diminish their leadership effectiveness and lower the performance of those they lead. Learning a balanced approach to creating the right culture will help others reach their potential and help organizations grow.


All Organizations are Unique

Likewise, your organization is unique. Whether it is a start-up or established decades ago, your organization has an established way of getting things done.  Often there is some disconnect or misalignment between the leader and the organization, which is the cause of frustration, tension, and stagnant growth.

Emerging leaders impact the environments they live in

Verge Development Planning

Verge Leadership provides comprehensive consulting for businesses and non-profit organizations who are ready to see better results. More than just business consultants and leadership coaches, we look at the whole picture.


We discover the underlying issues that are creating unnecessary struggle and tension within your organization. We’ll point out misalignment between your natural tendencies and leadership style with the organization’s structure.


And our consultants will create a unique, actionable plan for you and your organization to better align to strengths and accommodate blind-spots, fostering growth and development.


Discover the underlying issues that create unnecessary struggle & tension within your organization.

Jason and his team at Verge Leadership have had a huge impact on our business and the growth and professional development of our team. Our young team struggled to communicate effectively especially in times of conflict or when crucial conversations were necessary. Through different assessments, one on one meetings and group trainings, Jason was able to help our team understand how to communicate better with each other. They have grown as people and as professionals and they all look forward to Jason being in our office. It is like he has become an extension of our team and we could not be more pleased with the results.

Aimee Deraco, Chief Operating Officer – YDOP Internet Marketing

In a world of cookie-cutter coaching and a one size fits all approach to leadership, Verge comes along with a style of leadership development that gets bicep deep in the soil of an organization to disturb what threatens growth and to nurture what will provide a harvest of health. Jason and his team craft strategies that help leaders break into their full potential with systematic and scalable solutions. Accessible, discerning, with an appetite for excellence and the grit to help leaders face and fix their dysfunctions, working with Verge has been a key influencer and scaffold to Authentic Church here in the Northeast. If the tools they provide work well in the rocky soil of this region, I’m sure they will work well for you and your team.

Wayne Francis, Lead Pastor – Authentic Church

Verge Leadership has been a catalyst for our business. Verge came alongside of us to understand the outcomes we were looking for and helped us achieve our goals for restructuring our staff, improving our processes and building a strategy for future growth. Their ability to quickly assess and see our issues brought about a clear focus for my team to place our energies on what we needed to change. The Verge team created resources that best fit our identity and solved our on-boarding issues for new employees. We are still following the systems they built for us a few years go and we consider them the best at what they do.

Heath Mason, President – Lincoln Way Electric

I've worked with Jason Rising for a number of years with our community events. I’ve found him to be very accommodating to the needs of our church and community. This year we started working with Jason and the Verge Leadership Consulting team. I couldn’t be more pleased. Jason and his team have partnered with us to set up systems and processes that will help us be more efficient and effective in reaching our goals. He brings a wealth of experience, best practices and professionalism. With Jasons help, we are not only changing lives today, but we are setting up systems and processes to ensure we will continue doing the Lord's work in the future.

Pastor Barry Brown, Lead Pastor – Evangel Assembly of God

About Verge Leadership

At Verge Leadership, we design effective structures, systems, and leadership development programs to help leaders thrive and organizations grow.


We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizational health. Instead, you need a system that’s tailored to your unique circumstances, taking into account your leadership design, your organization’s current structure, and your goals and vision for the future.


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